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Integrated Skill Automation

Skill shortages and bottlenecks are issues of the past with Skills for Jira. 

Increase visibility, create simplicity, and save valuable time by automatically distributing the most pressing task to the best-qualified individuals. 

Skills for Jira employs three important features to ensure that businesses utilize their subject-matter-experts as effectively as possible. 

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Task Automation

Locate relevant experts within your organization and match tasks to your workers based on their skill sets.

Align with Agile and Kanban “pull” principles and turn your process into a self-service shop.

Come in, press a button, and get the next task.
Not just any task, the most important task that you are qualified for. 



Reduce Idle Time

With Skills for Jira, instantly receive new assignments and external input. 

Access your next task with just the click of a button. 

Not just any task, but the most important task you are qualified for. 

Reduce Manager Dependancy

Reduce dependency on the manager for mundane day-to-day work orchestration.

Eliminate a number of bottlenecks and free up the manager for more value-adding activities; such as prioritization, coaching, quality control or deep-dives

Easily Scale and Restructure Teams

Make scaling and restructuring teams easy: no overhead, no negotiations, and increased quality guarantees.

Stay in control of the important things without micromanaging: backlog, priorities, and work queues.

Build a Self-Reliance and Learning Culture

Create a motivating environment for growth with objective work assignments and clearly visible skill gaps.

Managers can focus on how to be effective leaders; especially effective when paired with a skill-focused training program.

Skills for Jira's unique overall organization skill and knowledge database analysis feature, measures bottlenecks and skill gaps / decorative image

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Measure issues and their skill requirements against your organization’s skill supply. 

This adds a whole new dimension to your analytics – insights obtained from matching supply and demand can power your planning and decision-making on both fronts.

Scarce Skill Sets

Real life assignments rarely require just one skill. While individual skills might be common in your team, the combinations might be rare. 

This report examines your team skill pool for the skill combinations in demand by the scoped issues. 

Issues At Risk

This report helps you identify the scoped issues for which your current team lacks expertise. You can use this information to:

Expert Bottlenecks

This report helps you identify team members that hold exclusive knowledge/skills within your team. Depending on the type of knowledge, this may become a problem.

This information may be used for knowledge transfer, training, documentation, or hiring decisions.

Build a Self-Reliance and Learning Culture

Projected Timeline.  Shows how your project’s backlog will be processed over time.

Resource Allocations. Recommend the optimal human resource distribution across multiple projects.

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