Predicts configured work queues distributed automatically through Task Automation

Objective data-based forecasts of projects that are distributed automatically.

Once your organization adopts one-click Self-Service Assignments, work distribution process becomes objective and relatively deterministic.

Simulation answers questions like:
- Is my team being effectively utilized?
- How far will we progress next month?

Simulate upcoming assignments at any time and receive transparency, visibility, and awareness of all users. Allowing you to act early, preventing inefficiencies.

Simulation Summary

An overall quick visual of the estimated health of your project, highlighting idle time, delivery delays, or roadblocks


A visualization of the overall workload dynamics of each team member over the course of the simulation period


A report of each team member’s workload status. Including backlogs and blockers, so that you can ensure progress continues to run smoothly


A highlight of the project blockers due to unresolved dependencies, skill requirements, or team competition

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