Find the people you need based on the skills you require

Search for people by a combination of skills, knowledge or responsibilities

Expert Finder holds all the information needed to quickly and easily find the right people, without an exact name or knowledge of the skills currently available.

This skills discoverability tool allows team members to approach problems with ease, knowing that an expert is only a search away if needed, and managers to easily uncover 'skill gaps' and desired skills for efficient project planning.

Customize skills, groups and requirements to suit your organization's needs

Use the 'Skill Tree' to easily map common skills within the organization allowing for efficient navigation of skills.

Manage high-speed environments by imposing skill-based restrictions on issue transitions or maintain critical knowledge points scattered across your team.

Use 'Skillset Fields' to specify skill requirements for your tasks

See the experts qualified for a task directly on your issue screen, as well as use them in JQL queries, workflows, or automation.

This is an integrated tool assisting in easily and automatically distributing tasks, running assignment simulations, or performing risk analytics.

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