Running a services business today requires modern technology that extends beyond point solutions and actually connects the business. Business leaders need a system that will help them manage every aspect of their business and be with them every step of the way as they grow and adapt to a changing market.

This is why so many companies are switching to Mavenlink – a modern collaborative platform that elevates the operational and financial performance of countless services businesses with resource management, project management, business intelligence and more.

Are you searching for a better solution to your everyday challenges? Here are five reasons why people are choosing Mavenlink.

1. The Need for Better Visibility

Effective resource management depends on being able to clearly see the needs of a project and the availability of team members. Mavenlink provides clear visibility across project portfolios and teams to help managers see the possible matches at a quick glance. Mavenlink also provides deeper insights into project timelines, resource skills, and more to go beyond matching employees with projects and instead place the best possible team members on the job. The result is the optimal resource mix for every project, every time.

2. The Need for Better Collaboration

Even the most experienced teams will not succeed without effective communication and the ability to work together smoothly. Mavenlink improves team collaboration by allowing team members to communicate with each other in the context of the project, providing task updates, deliverables, and more in a single space so that every resource understands the larger context of their work. In addition, Mavenlink supports effective client collaboration by allowing companies to invite clients into a project and to provide detailed breakdowns of project progress. Together, internal and external collaboration improves for each project.

3. The Need to Move Off of Outdated Technology

There are countless services businesses operating on outdated systems or using multiple point solutions that are simply too inefficient to maintain a successful business. While these systems have been relied on for years, they do not have the capabilities needed for a changing marketplace. Many companies come to Mavenlink out of the need for a modern solution with a wider range of capabilities. After making the switch, they see a boost in their utilization rates, task efficiency, resource capabilities, client satisfaction, and more, all results driven by a solution that was purpose-built for professional services that will grow and adapt with changing business demands.

4. The Need for Informed Project Accounting

Many businesses run their project accounting software separate from their project management software, exporting data to be used to inform client billing. This process can add several extra steps and a greater likelihood for mistakes to occur. Mavenlink’s project accounting capabilities, time tracking, and ability to integrate with existing accounting software helps companies avoid mistakes that lead to overcharging or underbilling for project deliverables. As a result, Mavenlink helps organizations improve their profit margins through more accurate billing and charges that clients can trust.

5. The Need for Actionable Insights

Mavenlink Insights helps companies understand their business in detail, where they are weakest, what resources are not being properly utilized, and what process bottlenecks are holding their projects back.  Comparing goals for project processes and resource utilization rates against reality, identifies where critical improvements should be made. These trustworthy insights help businesses improve the various aspects of their organization, seeing their positive impacts and continuing to make incremental improvements for a stronger business that is prepared for the future.

Level Up With Mavenlink

Don’t just read about the reasons why people are switching to Mavenlink, tour the many cutting edge aspects of Mavenlink and learn how you can level up your business today.