Software solutions are often seen as exclusively impacting the most mechanical aspects of work and not the human elements. But companies often overlook the direct impact that a solution can have on an employee’s day-to-day job satisfaction and their long-term outlook at a business.

According to G2’s 2019 State of Software Happiness Report, 62% of employees have felt that they were not reaching their potential because of a software mismatch at work. Professional services organizations often struggle to squeeze profits from their client engagements, with company margins often slim and requiring consistent effort to maintain. This can put a tremendous amount of pressure on professional services teams. A sustainable model for employee and client success requires a self-serve technology that can easily adapt to the way people work and control the quality of data captured on every project so that project managers can make the best informed decisions possible. Unfortunately, most solutions focus on a one-size fits all model that requires expensive IT resources in order to customize capabilities to a company’s specific needs.

At Mavenlink, we’re dedicated to providing a project management solution that supports a company’s needs and each team member’s complete potential. Mavenlink Forms is built to empower teams to configure their project intake process in a way that best meets the needs of each team across their organization. But how can Forms support you?

Specialized Information

Rather than relying on a generic form, users can publish one or more forms with just the fields and business logic that align to the project intake requirements of specialized teams. For instance, a team dedicated to website development is able to create new projects that only capture essential information, such as layout design, graphics requirements, and content.

Form Components

Mavenlink Forms supports a library of components that allows users to build forms with the right level of context for individual contributors who are responsible for the project intake process. Forms supports more than 36 project field components, as well as custom fields, which can be added as project fieldsets. This enables teams to build forms that capture only the information that matters.

Additionally, a form creator can guide users on how to complete a form by embedding  instructions on the form or as tooltips on any field.

Configurable Design

When a form is able to capture the right data every time, project teams can spend less time cleaning up corrupt data or performing manual work in order to collect this data after a project has already been created. The Form Builder simplifies the configuration of a form so that teams can get faster time to value from their investment. No IT resources are required to build a new form. Any Mavenlink user is able to drag and drop fields on a canvas and quickly design the layout of a form. Forms can enforce data governance requirements by setting fields as required or setting interdependencies between one or more fields.

Form Publishing

No two teams are alike in a complex organization. Agencies and professional services organizations are responsible for a robust portfolio of projects. Each project comes with its own set of requirements in terms of the work that needs to be done and the resources that need to be assigned to those projects. The work needed to deliver a software solution, a consulting engagement, or a new website will look completely different from one project to another or across a project initiative. Mavenlink Forms provides the flexibility to capture the information each project needs. Rather than publish a one-size-fits-all project intake form, Forms empowers teams to design and publish multiple forms so that each project team can capture the information they need and avoid manual collection of data or worse, cleaning up inaccurate data that may have been submitted.

What Mavenlink Can Do For You

Mavenlink Forms is just one part of how Mavenlink, the Industry Cloud for Professional Services, is reshaping the industry. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Mavenlink can help you.