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Making project operations simple, successful, and scalable.

Organizational agility, when utilized correctly, can be the factor that determines successful project execution. This can be defined as the company’s ability to adapt and modify its output to meet external and internal changes.

Unfortunately, for most managers, achieving true organizational agility is hindered by poor employee visibility and time-consuming task management practices.

Team assembly is a crucial moment in a project’s design phase. Effectively selecting and utilizing skills and competencies to maximize the productivity output for a particular project is impossible without a complete overview of the organization’s skills at your disposal.

Skills for Jira’s purpose is to remove the challenges surrounding skill visibility as well as the inefficiency in manual task assignment.



Skills for Jira prioritizes sustainable improvement and growth, as is reflected in the foundations of our character. 

These are the values that guide our activities, our decisions, and our output. They are the very core of who we are and define our inspirations for the future.

Keep it simple Keep it scalable

Continuously gain and share knowledge

Take pride in outstanding communication

Be the forefront of innovation


Totem Dev was built from the ground up through years of software engineering and project management passion and experience. Through our learnings we aim to advance the future of software engineering, facilitating streamlined, scalable solutions that can be easily implemented by businesses all over the world.

Totem Dev believes in three core pillars: Continuous Research and Development, Continuous Growth and Training, and Continuous Progress and Enhancement.

These pillars stand as the foundation of our business and set the guidelines for day-to-day operations, ensuring that TotemDev remains an innovative and dynamic force in the software development and project management space.

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